A Fork in the Road: The Food Truck Culture

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I have been lucky enough to eat from food trucks 3 times in the past month, in 3 different cities-San Francisco CA, Washington DC, and Chico CA. The food truck movement, or culture, has become quite popular across the United States.

The first time I experienced a food truck, beyond the typical taco wagon, was in Portland, Oregon. The food truck scene in Portland has become quite well known. My husband and I spent a long weekend in Portland a few years ago, to celebrate our anniversary. I was excited to see many things there. In particular, I wanted to check out all the food trucks I had heard about. It was so fun to have so many choices; of course, I wanted to try them all!

About a month ago, I went to San Francisco for a conference of sorts-The Women’s Travel Fest. The initial gathering was at the SOMA StrEat Food Park. The set up kind of feels like a county fair. There is a permanent building with places to sit, surrounded by food trucks. It has a fun atmosphere, with lights hanging and a bar for drinks.  The Burmese food I chose was great.  As of yet, there are no Burmese restaurants in Chico, so it was fun to try something I can’t get very often.

11046648_10206444341858139_4861064293442228947_nMy husband, daughter, and I went to Washington DC a few weeks ago.  In Washington DC, the food trucks line the busier streets for the lunch time crowd. I noticed that they were also situated in the high tourist traffic areas. Of course, the food was good and there was quite a variety of food to choose from.  I chose lunch from a food truck serving Moroccan food.  I couldn’t help myself, and had to start a conversation about Morocco, the Arabic language, and food.  I got a chance to practice my (not so good) Arabic, which is always fun for me.

11087487_10206452659706080_324449519073828615_oTonight, we are heading out to have dinner at a gathering of food trucks.  The food truck culture is fairly new in Chico. A few years ago, an event called “Fork in the Road” started. The local food trucks meet at the Elks Lodge, from Spring through early Fall. It is a great location, as there are picnic tables, a children’s park adjacent to the food trucks, and a stage where local musicians play.

If you are interested in reading more about the burgeoning food truck culture, here is an interesting article, click here.