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I’m a teacher of English as a Second Language by trade… and Culturally Curious by nature. What does culturally curious mean? I want to know the story of the person I met on the airplane or driving the taxi. I want to know the story behind the beautiful ceramic plate in my hands. I want to know the story of the building I walked by. There are so many stories I want to know.

My passion for travel, fueled by an interest in different cultures, started at a very young age. I lived the first 5 years of my life in Asia. Upon graduating from high school, I was an AFS high school exchange student. I spent a life changing year in Tunisia, North Africa, living with an amazing host family and attending a local high school. After I graduated from university, with a degree in International Relations (of course!), I moved to Japan and taught English for 18 months. In addition to living overseas, I have had many opportunities for travel, both in the USA and abroad.  Through all of these experiences, I have been very lucky to make connections with people all over the world.  These connections have lasted a lifetime and this is my place to share these stories and to hear others’ stories as well.

Along with me on my travel adventures are my husband-Dan, my son-Daniel, my daughter-Sophia, and our two dogs-Cozmo and Layla.


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