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Saint Patrick’s Day in Washington DC. I couldn’t stop listening to this guy and his bag piping friend

Music is constantly running through my head.  Almost every morning, I wake to a song going through my head.  Turn on the radio and depending on the song, it will transport me to a particular moment in time-in an instant.  I may not have heard the song in 25 years, and somehow my brain remembers all the words as if it were yesterday.   I joke with my husband, that if I could empty my brain of ALL the lyrics that are taking up space, my brain would probably work much more efficiently!

While growing up, our house always had music going through it.  Between the kids and my mom, someone was listening to music, and loudly.  My older sister, Ann, has had the biggest influence on my musical taste.  She is 6 years older than me and, for some strange reason, always included me in her teenage world.  One of my earliest musical memories was of my sister and me in the kitchen at my grandmother’s house.  My sister had a small, portable turntable, with a microphone attached to it-the predecessor to the modern karaoke machine.  The Jackson 5 was the band of the time and we had many 45s of their music.  We would put their music on and SING….”ABC is easy as 123.”

After the Jackson 5, came the John Denver phase, the Grateful Dead phase, the Genesis phase….you get the picture.  Let us not forget the Beatles-they were always represented in our house, along with the other ‘phases’.

At the same time that I was being influenced by my sister’s musical tastes, I was also developing a taste of my own.  By 8 or 9, I knew all the words to many Who or Grateful Dead songs, along with the words to the latest Donna Summers, Earth Wind and Fire, and Kool and the Gang songs or any of the pop songs of the day.  (Yes, I was a 70’s/80’s child)

At age 10, my sister took me to my first concert.  It was a weekend long event, with many bands playing-The Doobie Brothers, Marshall Tucker Band, Pure Prairie League, and others.  To this day, every time I hear the song “Amy”, by Pure Prairie League, I am instantly transported back in time.

When traveling, one of my favorite things is learning about the music of the area or country in which I find myself.  Thinking about it now, I can still remember the words to my favorite Arabic songs from my time in Tunisia.  This was one of my favorites…..

My family and I just returned from a 4 day trip to New Orleans…music heaven; that is for another post on another day.

Always curious….What connections do you have to music?



Papa Loves Mambo